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What mothers are saying.

"Prenatalbonding during pregnancy was a very deep and meaningful experience for me and for my baby. It gave me a feeling of both physical and emotional purification, and without a doubt contributed to both of us. My child is a very special child; he is happy, open and wise."

- R. Barletz

“By doing PrenatalBonding I bonded with my baby in a very unique way. It feels like she loves the world and the world loves her."

- O. Gal

"My conversations with my little baby girl started at parentalbonding sessions. I see now how my journey with her before she came to this world made her transition and adjustment much smoother than with my older kids. She came ready, happy and immediately bonded with all of us! A wonderful gift to mommy, baby and the whole family."

- M. T Sbero

“Prenatalbonding was a key factor in creating a healthy bond between myself and my son during and after our pregnancy. It helped to create an introspective, calm stress free environment during the all-important months before birth. Every woman is unique, and carries her own emotional history into her pregnancy, so each journey is different; that said, I feel that without prenatalbonding, my son’s first experiences would have been more challenging, more stressful and therefore potentially detrimental to his development. Having just directed IN UTERO, a documentary about the longterm impact of our pre-birth experiences, I have learned that our first environment is in some ways the most influential. Therefore, I hope that more and more women will have access to prenatalbonding and other therapies that promote deeper attunement with their babies from the very beginning."

- K Gyllenhaal

"I was very fortunate to work with Hagit during my pregnancy. She not only helped me bond with my developing baby, but she also helped me mentally prepare for childbirth and beyond. My baby was born calm and alert, and I'm certain that his happy disposition is in large part the result of my work with Hagit. She truly cares about her clients, and I am extremely grateful to have had her presence and support throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her!"

- LL